Size 7.5-8 Face in the Moon Statement Ring in Sterling Silver & 18k Gold

Selene, the moon goddess, was depicted with a crescent upon her head, often referred to as her horns, and a major identifying feature of hers in ancient works of art. In the iconography of the Hellenistic period, the crescent became the symbol of Artemis-Diana, the virgin hunter goddess associated with the Moon.

This ring has been crafted from sterling silver that was melted down an ingot, and hand-rolled into sheet in order to obtain the thick gauge needed. A single solid 18k Gold granule is used for the eye to give this ring a glow of life into it. 🌙 

Because of the square band, this ring fits comfortably on both a 7.5 finger & size 8 finger. 

Your piece will arrive to you specially wrapped with a jewelry polishing cloth. Woodland Signatures upcycles some packing & shipping materials in order to arrive towards a more sustainable Earth. 🌎