Frequently asked questions

Any order that is designed personally for you is considered a custom order. Any custom order will require a deposit of 50% upon the agreement for the design
you specify. This deposit is non-refundable. I do not accept returns on any custom order. No exceptions.

For the most accurate measurement, we suggest using a multisizer tool to determine your ring size. These multisizer tools are easy to read and give whole and half-size readings. You can find them on Amazon.

Your ring size will vary based on the width of the band of the ring you are ordering. The width of the band on the multisizer tool is 5mm. If the ring you are purchasing has a band size considerably smaller than 5mm you will want to take a snug measurement or even size down by 1/4 of a size based on your fit preference. If the ring you are purchasing has a band size considerably larger than 5mm you will want to take the measurement the multisizer gives and add 1/4, 1/2, or even 1 full size depending on how wide the band is. The more metal that sits on your finger, the tighter the ring will feel—this is why you need to size up. If you have any questions on how much to size up, feel free to inquire through the contact form below.

Your “normal” ring size will be what the ring sizer states. If you see a prompt to order 1/2 size larger than your normal ring size, use this size as a reference when ordering.

 If you have preferences for a tighter or looser fit, take this into consideration when determining your size. You know your fingers better than anyone else. 

Note: Be sure to read the sizer carefully after size 9. Size 9.5 can easily be misread as a size 10 and so on. Count the lines!

As most of you may realize, your finger sizes fluctuate throughout the day. Your fingers will retain fluid while you are resting, so it is best to record your measurement at least 6 hours after waking up. Your fingers may also retain fluid at the end of the day. Again, you know your fingers better than anyone else, size accordingly!

Unless you are a jeweler, we strongly advise against purchasing or using a ring mandrel to measure your rings to get your ring size. Jewelers use specially calibrated ring mandrels that are much different than a hobbyists mandrel. Hobbyists’ mandrels aren’t calibrated and the sizes will never be accurate. Similar to shoe sizing—every brand has its own version of what a size 8 is. Even if you wish to look for a calibrated mandrel, I advise against doing so. Reading measurements on a mandrel should be left to a jeweler who is experienced in this area. Taking ring size measurements on a mandrel is not as cut and dry as it seems; there are many different types of ring mandrels for different styles of rings—it’s not a one size fits all approach.

Using the multisizer tool will give you the most accurate measurement. If you want to double-check your size, you can always stop in to a local jeweler and have them size you as well!

To get the most from your purchase, please be kind to your jewelry! Please be aware that the pieces I sell are not designed to be worn during strenuous physical activities, such as sports, swimming, running/jogging, etc. Please do not wear pieces while bathing as the chemicals in your self-care product made degrade or damage the pieces. Care instruction cards are provided with certain pieces to ensure your purchase has a long and beautiful life!

Unfortunately, we cannot ensure that your item will arrive to you safely once it is in the care of the shipping provider. We do however require all of our shipments to be insured for the value of your purchase, as well as tracked using the shipping provider's tracking methods. Because we have no control over the shipment once it leaves our shop, we cannot be held liable for any items lost in the shipping process. The customer must file a claim with the shipping company used for any items lost or damaged during shipping. If you require help with this process, please contact the shipping company that was used to deliver your order. We cannot provide help with insurance claims or items lost in shipment.

All of my items are insured through the shipping company for the price that you pay for the item. If you receive a damaged item, please file a claim with the shipping provider for your loss. We do not accept returns due to problems with shipping. Please see Etsy's policies on this matter for further clarification.

Please be aware that all of our jewelry pieces are original works and are one-of-a-kind. Many hours of work go into each piece, and we also consider material costs. Please be sure to ask as many questions as you can before purchase if you are unsure you will enjoy something I make. So expectations are met, please ask for additional photos of an item prior to purchase. I am always willing to provide photos of my work for customers to ensure that they will be satisfied. However, due to the nature of my work being original pieces, I cannot accept returns unless a restocking fee is paid. This fee, unless otherwise stated on an item's sale page, will be 15% restocking fee based on the sale price. No exceptions to this fee.

When purchasing a piece from us, please remember that you are obtaining a unique piece of art that is distinct from all others. Each creation is meticulously crafted individually. Because of the unique nature of each piece, no returns will be considered or accepted.