Brass Mushroom Cuff Bracelet

Whether you’re a fan of the healing powers of mushrooms, a biology student or foraging enthusiast, these brass cuff bracelets are great for everyday wear. 🍄

Each bracelet is hammered by hand with an alternating pattern of various mushrooms, and has anywhere between 117 - 135 strikes of the hammer. 🔨

To get the deep set designs just the way I like them, making sure the metal is annealed properly is key, as well as fixing my grip to have the most power and control in each drive.

The bracelet is work hardened after shaping to maintain its shape and durability.  

All Woodland Signatures jewelry is shipped with insurance & carefully packaged using recycled and/or biodegradable material. Any bubble wrap used in packaging has been upcycled, to do our part in caring for our beautiful Mother Earth. 🌎