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Spessartite Earrings in Sterling Silver

These dangle earrings came to be from accidentally cracking a sterling silver bracelet I was working on, but I love that I was able to create a pair of earrings & two rings from it. 💛

These earrings were created from sterling silver that was melted into an ingot and put through a rolling mill by hand until the desired gauge and shape was created. I used a combination of bits and burrs to engrave the pattern you see that has a gentle brutalist appeal to it. 

The stones are Spessartite Garnet. Garnet comes in a variety of colors and this golden yellow hue is highly coveted and reminds me of autumn squash and the warmth of a fireplace.

These earrings will arrive to you specially packaged with a jewelry polishing cloth. Woodland Signatures upcycles packing and shipping materials to do our part in a more sustainable Earth. 🌎